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Self awareness is a gift that can cause you to feel under attack.  After you have become aware of the push and pull that our life has going on is when you will see the many dysfunctions in one’s own life.  It is a never ending pull on our ego and our mind, body, and soul; when we are constantly trying to go somewhere in our life and improve our social, mental and physical status in our lives.  When you can finally see that you are energy and that you are co-creating with the Universe to even exist then you have the ability to make big changes in your life and the decisions that create the future.

Let us take a moment and reflect on where we are in our current situations.  Can you say that you are experiencing some personal inner conflicts or are you feeling that the world is stacked against you?  If you can see the contrast between these two very crucial questions, then you can start to evaluate your motivations for change.

Anyone at any time in their life has the power to change circumstances, people, outcomes etc, by the power of their own thoughts.  You can decide to blow up at your problems and say you are defeated.  Would it be easier to give up or keep moving forward or is it the same amount of energy to do both?

One way to help with changing any patterns in our life is by recognizing the self awareness from this thing we call our emotions.  Do you wake up generally happy or do you have to work your way into being happy for the new day in front of you?  This question should be answered honestly because that is where you will start to re-focus your attention on changing your thought patterns and then co-creating new experiences.

You cannot just wake up and say affirmations and think that will be all you need.  Yes, you need to be reminded of positive thoughts and see visual aides but if you do not feel this in your core then it is not really effective in making any real changes.  Yes, you will feel a little better but then when the world dumps garbage in your lap unexpectedly then you can quickly spiral further down then you were before.  It is in this time that you have to sit in your situation and not try to understand why it happened but how you can move forward to bring better experiences next time.  Let’s face it, our thoughts are very powerful and if your affirmations were really changing you then why did something negative happen?

Humility can make or break you.  I had a time in my life where I turned to humility for answers to what my life purpose was and how to make any real difference in a broken world.  I found  myself feeling such despair when I realized all the problems that the world was facing and I thought I needed to put on a wonder woman cape and go out and fix whatever was thrown my way.  I discovered very quickly that is very exhausting and there will be a dozen more problems the next day.  Here is the thing, you cannot run around blindly trying to find answers to problems that only clarity can solve.  There is no amount of humanitarian work that can make you feel that you are enough!  Do the best you can to offer love to those that receive but don’t stay stuck in the solution problem state of mind for those individuals.  Instead just uplift when you can and move forward focused on your own happiness.  Now, if you are a strong person that can travel and do the hard humanitarian work then by all means I encourage you to go and enjoy enlightenment.  My message here is to offer wisdom to knowing that when your soul feels tired, it is time to refocus on your life and what you can do to help yourself regain happiness and peace for your own sake!

Do the best that you can with what you can but feeling guilty for not being good enough only robs you of a brighter tomorrow.  I went to bed feeling worse than the previous day because all I could see or focus on was how much more I should be doing.  If you can just look at what you contribute and say, I am pleased with what I have done because that was all I could give at that time.  Then move on with your life and keep doing what makes you happy.  Do not stop just because of a road block.  Look for a detour or an alley and just keep going.  There is always a way to find a better route if you are open to searching.  Wandering is not all bad, you can find a new friend in a new place or you can find a hidden cafe’ just waiting for you to step into its treasure chest of creativity.

Pandora’s box is full of magic but it’s how you decide to proceed.  Do you want to start a new life?  Are you ready to just throw the script up and say “let’s re-write this because it is not as good as you would like it to be”  Then do it!  Start right where you are to think about what makes you sparkle inside.  Is it your inner voice that keeps you trapped or is it your fear of self that keeps you paralyzed?

Whatever the reason the underlying cause is your minds ability to talk you into staying where you feel safest. It’s okay to want safety. There’s peace and freedom in this space of comfort. But in order to change anything about ourself in order to improve ones life, we must try new things. Get outside our comfort zones a bit and feel the adrenaline of something different, new, exciting and fresh! That’s where your creativity lies, under the surface of self discovery and self awareness to move in new directions. Have you ever went for a walk and cams to a fork and had to decide which way you wanted to go? Either choice should be fine but they lead to different places or routes to the final destination. Are you someone that takes risks or stays in the safe zone? Too much risk can be detrimental if ones self awareness is not practical of your lifestyle. But risk and safety are great tools of contrast to help you find the silver lining to leading yourself on the right path you design!

Never give up on changing and growing your self into a new more fabulous canvas. You will always be working on this masterpiece until you die. Life is so rewarding when you can appreciate every stroke of paint on the brush and the fine details!

Enjoy this day like the world belongs to only you! The Universe gives us this beautiful experience of Life and creative visions of blue sky’s and green pastures by if we are trapped inside a dark tower we only have our imagination to rely on for comfort. If you are someone you know suffers from depression please offer them guidance and help to get relief. We all have our up days and our down ones. The goal is to never stay too long in the gray ones for them we can get lost and feel very lousy. As someone that has struggled with addictions and depression I can attest that my saving Grace has always been Gods love and light. Look for safety in inspirational books or videos or photos. Pray and meditate for God to protect you and surround you with everlasting love and guidance. Use time alone as reflections on ones self and not a pity party. If you struggle from any addictive traits that are detrimental or negative on your mind, body, and soul then try to train yourself to have more self control and awareness. Forgive yourself daily! You are not supposed to be perfect because you already are through God’s eyes!

WinterPark Colorado Photo taken by: Michelle Gruhler

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Introduction: Spiritual Healing and Love

Living your life on purpose

An awakened state of consciousness is knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be doing exactly what you are doing.  You are living your life on purpose.  This time can be very overwhelming, confusing, sad, and you can find yourself in a mixture of ups and downs.  You may feel that you are suffering from a type of personality disorder and no one around you gets you!  Well, I’m here to tell you that this is all normal and your body, mind, and soul are taking a transformation and it takes a toll.  There will be relief in sight.  Embrace this time to love and discover who you really are.  Let go of past pain and relationships that are no longer fitting into your molded life.  You’re the sculptor now and you can design your destiny the way you prefer.  How exciting to finally feel the empowerment of being Alive


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Spiritual Healing and Love®

The Purpose:

Michelle Gruhler is an author and energy healer, that uses meditation techniques and breathing exercises to relax the Mind, Body, Spirit and has the ability to realign chakras and trapped energy held inside the body.  Her techniques are based on her beliefs that we are all Energy and connected to the Divine Light Source Energy, known as God / Universe.  She does not practice anything that can cause harm or negativity to your life.  She only allows the pure positive energy to flow through her when connecting to Source Energy/God/Spirit Realm.  Her purpose is driven to help promote mental health and balance in your Mind, Body, and Spirit.  She has a strong desire to help people channel the past pain that is holding them back from healing and living their best life possible.  She uses Law of Attraction methodology as well as many resources for her higher understanding of the Divine.  She also refers to herself as a LightWorker.  She used this very process to win the battle over alcohol addictions, sexual abuse, family dysfunctions, and misguided religious factors.  Her work has shown that if she can conquer the many aspect of her life that were holding her in bondage, then she has the power to help other hurting people do that same thing!  And allow the “Spiritual Healing” which is our connection with ourselves (Inner Being) and then feel the vastness of the great Love that is trapped inside of our spirits.  This final process is a great self discovery of who you are and who you are designed to be here on Earth!  The journey never ends after this great healing takes place, it only begins and your life will sky rocket out of this World, with endless possibilities and adventures that you never thought were possible.  Michelle’s mantra daily is “Never Give Up!”

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Creating Meditations that Work!

There are many benefits to meditation and one important factor is the amazing life you can create by manifestation through meditation.

I like to start my meditation with an intention and purpose for my session. If I’m manifesting something then I like to have photographic visions of my goal. I like to run through my emotions surrounding it and evaluate any blocks or negativity that can hinder my manifestation.

I then can properly start my meditation by clearing the blocks and realign my chakras to be open and balanced during the meditation. This can take time and practice at first but then once you have keen awareness you will begin having a quick alignment from the start of your meditation practice every single time! This allows you to have your mind body soul open to the energy field and accelerate your meditation and manifestation effectively.

I typically would spend 20 minuets per day meditating on the manifestation and document any blocks. I also like to document the evidence that shows me the meditation is working to allow the flow into my life. This also is a reminder not to give up. Meditation can take time to achieve maximum results as it’s a new practice and lifestyle that your adapting too. Stick with it and see the rewards come to you. It can be a slow process and subtle changes but this will lead to huge self discoveries and personal development that can change your life! Give it time.

Remember to keep a meditation journal so that you can review your progress and achievements.